Hompal Stats Course Fall 2018

Instructor W. Andrew Barr
Course Number ANTH 6413
Meeting Time Wednesday 9:00AM - 10:50AM
Location SEH 6845 (Purple Meeting Room)
Office Location SEH 6685
Office Hours Tues 12-2 or by appt
Required Texts Gotelli and Ellison, 2nd ed., Manly, 3rd ed.

You need a laptop

For this course, you need a functioning laptop that you can install software on, and that you can bring to class every session. If this will present any difficulties for you please let me know right away.

To Do Before First Class Meeting

In this course you will be learning the free and open-source software called R, using a helper program called R Studio. To make sure we can get off the ground running, please install the following software before the first day of class

  1. Download and Install R version 3.5.1
    • To to https://cran.r-project.org/
    • Download the appropriate version for your operating system and install as you would any other software
  2. Download and Install R Studio Desktop Version 1.1.456
  3. Complete the DataCamp R tutorial at https://www.datacamp.com/courses/free-introduction-to-r
    • This requires creating a free account with Data Camp.
    • You just need to do the first section called Intro to basics

Important Point about Specific Versions

Even if you already have R and R Studio downloaded please check that you have these specific versions!! If you already have an old version, simply install the newer version on your computer!