These files are for educational purposes only for learning data analysis. In some cases, they are taken from published papers. The copies of the datasets on this website could contain errors in transcription. Always look to the original source and cite the original paper.

Note: files have .txt extension so that they render in the broswer, but may use tab characters (‘\t’) or commas as column separators.

Dataset Name Source of data
Isler_et_al_brains.txt Isler et al, 2008
Living_Primates_Diet_Gomez_Verdu_2012.txt Gomez & Verdu, 2012
Howell_craniometry.txt website
femur_lengths.txt fake demonstration data
DMV_2014_Q3_Undergrad_DirectLoans.txt from
anage_longevity_data.txt online database
Ossenberg-cranial-nonmetric-trait-dbase.txt article and website
Pearce_etal_2012_homerange.txt Pearce et al, 2012
gorilla_sizes.txt example data
baboons.txt example data
barr_astrag_2014.txt Barr, 2014
ruminants.phy Hernández Fernández & Vrba, 2007
Zachos2001Climate.txt Zachos et al, 2001
american_women_feet.txt fake data
gotelli_ants.txt Gotelli Chapter 5
DIK-scap.txt Alemseged et al, 2006
Reed1997_modern_adaptations Reed, 1997
Gordon_2008_cranial.txt Gordon et al., 2008
Cerling_etal_2013.txt Cerling et al., 2013
Boddy_2012_data.txt Boddy et al. 2012
lemurfeeding.txt fake data
Cuozo_etal_2013.txt Cuozo et al., 2013
Scorrano_2014.txt Scorrano 2014
bovid_occurrences.txt Fake data
Zaatari_hunter_gatherer.txt Zaatari et al, 2011
Zaatari_neanderthal.txt Zaatari et al, 2011
Espinoza_etal_2007.txt Espinoza et al 2007
Su_2011_bovid_data.txt Su et al., 2011
granatoskydata.txt Granatosky et al., 2014
Anderson_etal_2011_fish.txt Anderson et al., 2011
ungs.txt Shultz and Dunbar, 2006
Bininda_Emonds_correctedDates_FULLPHYLOG.txt Bininda Emonds et al., 2007
winter_korean.txt Winter & Grawunder, 2012
presidents.txt built in dataset R
plant_measurements.txt from Crawley R book
bodysize_sex_rank.txt fake data
hair_eye.txt built in dataset R
PanTHERIA_1-0_WR05_Aug2008.txt Pantheria
character-deaths.txt github
studentgrades.txt fake data
party_affiliation.txt UFL online stats course
BinindaEmondsBestDates.nex Bininda Emonds et al., 2007
BinindaEmondsBestDatesUngulates.nex Bininda Emonds et al., 2007
ungulateMasses.txt Pantheria subset